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What Is a Luxury Agent?

What is a luxury agent? The simple answer is ... an agent who represents sellers and buyers of luxury homes. But it's not that simple. Everyone has a different opinion of what's considered a luxury home.

Every market is different. A million dollar home on a two acre lot in my area is considered luxury. But a million dollar home in Highland Park of Dallas wouldn't be a luxury home. It might even be a tear down so someone can build a mansion.

I'd say I'm considered a luxury agent in my corner of the world, but wouldn't be in areas where their price points are much higher unless I also started selling those homes.

It's safe to say wherever there are luxury homes, there are agents who stand out as luxury agents. They don't just get their share of the luxury home listings, they get more than their share. They know what marketing a luxury home entails and have shown a history of professionally marketing and selling luxury homes.

I've seen new agents sell million dollar plus homes but it's almost always a family member who gave them the listing. If it's a "one and done" situation, I'd hardly call them luxury agents.

Is there a difference in the way luxury agents act, think and work? I think so and will be talking about that in future posts.

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