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Should You Get a Car Wrap?

Car wraps are great exposure for your real estate company branding but would I consider one? No, for several reasons.

  • Most homeowners don't want your car announcing they're talking to a Realtor. They may not even be sure they're selling but that's how rumors get started. I've had homeowners ask me before a listing appointment if I have any signage on my car. I don't.

  • A competing Realtor who sees a real estate car sitting in front of a home in their neighborhood might know the homeowner. You can bet they'll call to find out what's going on. If they don't know the owner, they might ask their friends if they know the owner and then have them put in a good word for them.

  • And finally, IMHO, they just don't fit the profile of a successful luxury real estate agent. I can honestly say in all my years, I've never seen one car wrap on the car of a luxury real estate agent.

There's one exception. I think a professional wrap on a nice pickup truck works well for an agent who specializes in land or farm and ranch sales. But I'd use my wife's car without a wrap for in-town listings.

Have you considered what kind of car you're going to get for your real estate business? Do people really even care about the car you drive, even if you're in luxury home sales? Here's what I think.

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