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Should You Get a Car Wrap?

Car wraps are great exposure for your real estate company and branding. It's basically free advertising once the wrap is paid for, and hopefully someone will call you from it. For many service industries it makes sense, but for residential real estate, I'm not a fan.

  • First off, many homeowners don't want your car sitting on the street in front of their home on a listing appointment announcing they're meeting with a Realtor. I've had homeowners specifically ask me not to have any signage on my car before a listing appointment.

  • Second, why would you ever want another Realtor knowing you're visiting with a homeowner? A savvy Realtor might (will) find the opportunity to drop by the home after you leave and place something on their doorstep about their services. Or they will look up the homeowner's name and phone number. They might even know a neighbor and give them a call to put in a word for them.

  • Third, although they can certainly be attention getting and I've seen some nice ones, they just don't mix with the luxury home market. Sorry if that sounds snobbish, but that's totally different than the $250K market.

I've never once seen one of my competitors in the luxury market where I work with a car wrap. It probably works great for plumbers, electricians, pool service companies, etc. but if you want to identify yourself as a luxury agent, the downside of a wrap is much greater than the upside.

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