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Keeping Your Clients Updated on Changing Market Conditions

I've talked about these weekly reports on other posts, so now is a good time to discuss how I deal with changing market conditions. Right now, we're in a market shift. That's not a surprise to anyone but I still have to walk a fine line when talking about it.

If I'm disingenous and don't mention what virtually everyone else is seeing, I'll lose credibility. On the other hand, our sellers also receive these reports. They're relying on us to get them top dollar for their homes, so understandably, they probably would prefer that I only mention the highlights of the market, not the lowlights.

It's a tough call on how to handle this dilemma so I just stick to what I know and back it up with facts and statistics. The readers have to draw their own conclusions.

FYI, although most indicators might leave someone to believe prices are falling, just the opposite is happening in our area. We're not seeing anything significant, it's just taking a bit longer to sell homes now versus three months ago.

Sellers just have to be a bit more patient. What we're experiencing now is exactly what we expect to see in a typical June market.

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