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Team Building Talk With the KW Allen, Tx Top Agents

I was asked to speak to the Keller Williams McKinney top agents and was happy to do it. A large part of the KW culture is sharing our collective knowledge. Although we compete with each other, it's done in a healthy way. You'll find the top producers are always willing to help their fellow KW agents by teaching classes and even helping other agents figure out how to work through a difficult transaction. I had none of this when I built my brokerage, but wish I had. It would have advanced my residential career more quickly. I'll be answering specific questions about how our team is structured, our philosophies, what we ask of our team members and what they can expect from us, etc. We're on track to smash through last year's $102 million in sales volume with just 8 agents. I'll also be talking about what we do and don't do in the way of marketing and what we look for in the way of a new team member.

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