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How Do I Show a Homeowner I Have Experience Selling Homes in the Area?

I saw this question posted on another Facebook site geared towards new agents. Of course, there are quite a few ways to do this with your marketing material, but sending the prospective seller an interactive link works great for us. Assuming you have quite a few sales in an area, you can let Google Maps do the work for you.

Look at the page on our site under the menu item "SALES", then "SEE WHERE WE'VE SOLD THEM" You'll see the map image below (not interactive) but when you click on it, it takes you to our Grisak Group Google Interactive Map which is interactive.

Once there, visitors can zoom in to show a single street or neighborhood or zoom out to show sales in other cities. You can also send just THE LINK to anyone you're trying to relate to so they don't even have to go to your website.

Here's how it can really help. There's a high end development in Fairview called Tranquility Farms with around 30 homes. We've sold 21 of them, and some twice. That gives the homeowners in there considering selling the confidence we understand their neighborhood. It gives us a big leg up on our competition.

The great thing is Google Maps plots those sales for you. You don't have to do it yourself. Just add the street address into your Google Map every time you close a transaction.

We can actually enhance this map further by adding pictures of the property on every market, but that's not something we find beneficial. We have other ways we prefer to show these sales in higher definition rather than thumbnails.

Here's a tip. As I mentioned, the image below is not interactive. I went to our map, zoomed it to the level that showed as wide an area with as many markers, then I copied and pasted the image onto the page. The map page isn't interactive, but it will take visitors right to that position on the Google Map.

You want visitors to see a map filled with activity so zoom in as far as you feel necessary, then link that image to your Google map online.

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