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Do You Need a Fancy Car To Be a Luxury Agent?

Do people judge Realtors by the car they drive? Whether right or wrong, quite often they do. It's just human nature and it's never going to change.

Of course, you certainly don't want to be taking clients out in your ten year old "beater". But driving an expensive and flashy car isn't going to guarantee you business either. My advice is if you believe you have to buy a car when you start selling real estate, be sensible.

There are many very nice, affordable, used cars out there. You can get a four or five year old Cadillac between $15K to $20K. Or a great looking brand new Volkswagen Jetta in the low to mid $20K range.

Remember, 90% of all new agents are out of real estate within the first two years of getting their license. Buying an $80K luxury car is placing unneeded financial pressure on yourself. Chances are you'll end up hating the car because you really can't afford the payments and you're "upside down" and unable to sell it.

What A Client Said About My First Real Estate Car

I was brand new selling commercial real estate 40 years ago. I didn't have much money so I drove a very affordable car, a Buick Century. It seemed like all the agents around me were driving BMW's or Mercedes and all had gold Rolex watches so I was a little intimidated.

One time I had a high end executive out looking at a 100,000 SF of office showroom space. The landlord rep had the key to get in so we had to meet him at the building.

We got to the building a little early and parked in front waiting for the building rep. He pulled up right next to us in a nice, big, black Mercedes. Before my client got out of my car, he looked over at the Mercedes, then me, and said "I should be with that guy".

Although my client laughed when he made the remark, sometimes things said in jest really are what people are thinking. I couldn't afford a new car so I just had to "suck it up" until I could. I made it my goal when I had enough money saved to invest in a more high profile car and have driven one since then. I look at it as a real estate tool.

Now, let me play the devil's advocate. What about driving up in a Lambo on a listing appointment. What would you think if you were the client? Would that impress or turn you off?

Even if I had one, I'd never show up in one when meeting with a client. It just isn't my style nor does it fit my personality.

A car does not make the Realtor and buying a luxury car believing it will put you over the top is foolish. Live within your means and spend your money on marketing and brand recognition instead.

OK, now that I've talked about real estate cars what about car wraps? Should you put one on your car? Here are my thoughts.

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