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Don't Hang Around Energy Vampires

Every office has at least one or two and the poorly run offices are full of them. They'll suck the energy right out of anyone who spends time with them.

"It's too hard to get on a deal. The market's so bad I can't make any money. Other agents are just giving away commissions to get their listings. The other agent was just lucky they got that deal. I'm not getting any leads from our team leader or broker. So and so agent gets all the leads. It costs me too much to be here". It goes on and on.

These are the agents you need to avoid at all costs. Although he's no longer with us, we had a classic energy vampire in our office quite a long time ago. Always complaining, always finding someone or something to blame when something went wrong. It was never his fault when he was having a bad stretch. There was always a dark cloud hanging over his head.

The agents who were doing well and with great attitudes avoided socializing or being around him in the office. Not surprisingly, he never did much in real estate even after leaving our office for greener pastures.

To be truly successful you need to have a positive attitude. It shows in everything you do whether you realize it or not, from phone calls, emails to listing appointments. If you surround yourself with pessimists and energy vampires you'll start taking on those traits as well. Guaranteed.

People want to work with happy and positive people, not downers. I know I do.

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