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Team Dynamics

Building a great team was unquestionably my most difficult challenge.  I'm very good a lot of things, but team building was not my strength.  Thankfully I have Erin Hickman, our senior vice president who does possess those skills.  

We've built a high producing team of both veteran and newer agents.  In 2021, we sold $106 million which is pretty exceptional for only 8 agents.  More importantly, the team members are happy and there's no drama. 


I've watched Erin build our team it's really been interesting for me as well.  She has been working with a Keller Williams coach for several years and tells me that's been one of the best things she's done.   


In this section I'll discuss many things from why joining a team can be a smart move, what they have to offer, some of my failures in team building, and why our team today is working so well.

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