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Why I Created This Site

First and foremost, I'm not trying to sell you anything.  If you want to listen to what I have to say, great, it will help you in your career.  If what I say doesn't resonate, that's up to you.


I'm at the latter stages of a long career in both commercial and residential real estate.  It's time for me to share my knowledge and I'm starting to find the time to do it.

You know the old saying "If you can't do it, teach it?".  I've sat through real estate courses and wondered myself how many of those instructors really did it.  And if they didn't, why am I sitting here, but that's mandatory continuing education for you.

I've not only done it, I'll still be doing it until sometime around 2025 when I'll step away.  This is only the beginning of a work in progress but I've added at least one post in every category on the menu to give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing in the future. 

I have thousands of incidents, topics and stories in my head, I just need to commit them to this page.  Some are funny, some not so funny, but all were learning experiences.  If I'd known then what I know now, I could have taken action.

The Cold Realities of Residential Real Estate



If you're a new real estate agent or thinking about becoming one, you should know almost 90% are out of the business within the first two years of getting their license.  Those aren’t my statistics, they’re from the National Association of Realtors.  They tend not to tell you those things in your mandatory continuing education classes, but it's true.

My Skins on the Wall

Between my commercial and residential careers, I've been a real estate agent for almost 40 years. I started in residential in 1998 as an individual, lone wolf agent working out of my home office.  I chose not to join a residential brokerage because I already had my broker's license from commercial and I was stubborn. 


I just believed I could start my residential business without help, I just didn't have a clue how to get started.  Even worse, I didn't even know a residential agent I could ask questions of. 


My survival was a miracle in itself.  Although I had an unorthodox start, it forced me to learn the business literally from the ground up without someone telling me how things should be done.  I learned it all, from the paperwork to selling homes, to marketing.  I had no choice and that's the greatest motivator of all.

I've been the #1 agent within my area of our MLS (Collin County, Texas) for the past 21 years.  Year to date as of July 1, 2022, my personal sales volume is right at $30 million.   That's almost four times the volume of the second place agent.  My average home sale price is $1.6 Million.  

​I’m also the team leader and immensely proud of The Grisak Group, a team of 8 excellent Realtors.  Year to date as of July 1 of 2022, we're at $90 million closed and in title. 


Our team has also been the #1 group within our Keller Williams Allen Texas office for the past 9 consecutive years.  Our office finished 2021 #1 in Collin County with over $1 Billion in sales volume and my team was responsible for $106 million of it.  



I hope you enjoy my content!